Friday, May 18, 2012

Digitalization of some of my earliest Marburg photos has begun. Here are a few from today's batch!
Me at work at my desk in the room I shared with a German roommate nicknamed "Prilli" in Carl-Duisberg-Haus in Marburg.
My favored working posture to this day.
A group of German students traveled to Bochum to visit a working coal-mine museum.

Two Americans went along. Here's the other one, from Davidson College.
. . . and both of us.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


(<- An early photo of me.)

Now that Helen and I have reached our retirement destination in California — and as BCA approaches its 50th anniversary — it's time to gather up all those slides and photos to see what comes to mind — what recollections come from those collections!

In 1965 my now-wife Helen and I were among about 20 students from colleges with Church of the Brethren and Mennonite affiliarion at Philipps-Universit├Ąt in Marburg, Germany. The only other sites at the time were in Strasbourg, France, where a slightly smaller group studied, and Barcelona, Spain. In those days "BCA" stood for Brethren Colleges Abroad, while always including a significant participation from Mennonite colleges and frequent "guests" from other colleges who learned of the program.

Professor Allen C. Deeter of Manchester College was the resident director for all sites, with resident assistants located in Srasbourg and Barcelona. In the course of the year I became his student assistant and helped in making arrangements for the next group of students in both Marburg and Strasbourg — and for Al's successor, Professor Miriam Schlegel for whom I managed the transition. Al was accompanied by his wife Joan (think "Jo-an") and three young sons.

Ten years after leaving the program, Helen and I returned to Marburg to be resident directors accompanied by our infant daughter Anne and reporting to Dr. Deeter, who had been asked to lead the whole BCA program, which now included many sites around the world, from an office at Manchester College, our alma mater.

Much has changed since then!

I'll post more thoughts and the more interesting photos I have, as I get them digitalized.

Please sign on and post your own reflections and pictures, as you are so moved. I'll reserve the right to remove anything which falls too afar afield of the values of our Brethren and Mennonite sponsors, if necessary. Nothing rude or embarrassing, please!